There is a special need for the forever family homes that we want to share with you today.

This week is especially exciting because we get to go start renting the forever family homes in preparation for the children to move in. But as we are out looking at homes we are finding that the neighborhood where we are going to have all of the houses in has a bit of a problem… There is city water, but not very often! At most it comes on twice a week, and only slowly and for half a day each time. Meaning that we are going to have to provide a water tank and pump for each of the homes, something that we had not planned on when we created our budget for setting up the houses. But as you can guess, it is something that we believe is essential for us to provide the best environment for the new families.  We have gone without water in our own house and we can tell you, it is no fun!

Here is where you come in.   We want to ask today if you will help us put water tanks and electric pumps in each of the forever family houses, and in the intake center as well.   For the smaller homes we want to install a 1000 liter system which costs $550 (installation included), and for the intake home, which may at times house as many as 15-20 children plus the office staff, we want to put in a 2000 liter tank, which costs $700.   We are looking at getting good quality italian made pumps so that they will not break down.

The total we need to make this happen for all five forever family homes, and for the intake center is $3,450.   Sounds like a lot, but I bet if we get together and push for this I am sure can make it happen!

Will you help us spread the word that the Bring Love In families need help getting clean reliable water in their homes?

We hope to be able to install these systems in the homes as soon as we rent them, before the children come in.  If things go as planned, later this week we will start signing contracts on these homes.

To make a donation towards the water systems click here, and select “Water for the Children’s Homes” as the designation.  I will post updates on the blog here on how much of this we have raised so far.

Thank you!